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Body Ready Omega 3 BottlePeople in the world of health supplements always have their go-to choices, whether it is for weight loss, anti-aging, or just general wellbeing. Though there are definitely some great health supplements on the market that have been tried and true, some of the newer ones definitely give people better results than what they are accustomed to. This is especially true when it comes to supplements that go one step further than traditional supplements that are used for health perks. A good example of a new supplement that is taking traditional supplements’ power to a new level is Body Ready Omega, a perfect blend of DHA to EPA that has been linked to phenomenal results.


Body Ready Omega-3Body Ready Omega is a supplement that is focused on getting you more Omega-3 fatty acids than you would get in a typical serving of fish oil. As many people may already be aware, many fish oil supplements have large quantities of heavy metals that can be potentially harmful for people who take the supplements. Unlike fish oil, which is made from mercury-laden fish like tuna and farmed salmon, Body Ready Omega is made out of deep sea squid, which does not have the heavy metal toxins that most fish supplements have. Since squid is not as heavily hunted as tuna, salmon, or others, it is considered to be one of the most sustainable sources of Omega-3 as well as one of the safest.

heart-attackBody Ready Omega is a very unique supplement for a variety of reasons, and it’s not only the excellent mercury-free source of Omega-3’s, either. One of the biggest reasons that it is so powerful is that it has a perfect 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA in each supplement serving. This unique ratio promotes good health. Someone with high blood pressure would benefit from taking this supplement. People who have a high DHA/EPA ratio in their diet have lower chances of blood clots, improved blood circulation, better heart health, better joints, and brain function. Research has found that people with a diet rich in Omega 3′s live a longer healthy life.

People who take Body Ready Omega-3′s will increase their DHA/EPA ratio.  Those people tend to look years younger, feel younger and live longer. The reason why people who have high levels of DHA in their bodies often look and feel younger is because DHA blocks enzymes responsible for the degeneration of muscles, nerves, skin, and joints. So, for many people who are in the know about health supplements, Body Ready Omega is a great anti-aging option.

The fact is that Body Ready Omega has not been out on the market for very long, but there are already many devotees and medical professionals that recommend it as a daily supplement for your heart. This high quality supplement will not disappoint you. This product is so effective that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you do not already take Omega 3′s to protect your body from cell damage, then it is time for you to start. As we get older we all start to feel the effects of old age but Body Ready Omega will help you fight the signs of aging.

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